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Living with

Grief, Loss and Change

This book addresses the discomfort that many people have with grief. People who are grieving think they need to get over their grief as quickly as possible, and people around them need their loved one to "get back to normal." Enormous pressure can be placed on a person who is grieving, by themselves or others, thinking it is something to be fixed rather than a natural state when loss occurs. That loss can also apply to illness, disability, ageing, retirement, divorce or even financial security.

Living with Grief, Loss and Change talks about normalising grief and learning to live a meaningful life with grief as opposed to 'getting over' it. It is not a dry clinical account but instead provides personal real-life stories in order for the reader to be able to identify and feel what is being talked about. These stories provide a valuable message "I am not alone." It also provides practical strategies in how to better manage grief.


"There have been many self-help books published on coping with grief and loss. This one is different.

Fortuitously I was given the privilege of editing this book at a perilous time in my personal life, having recently lost a beloved son. Mary Ellen Smith's practical and judicious approach to dealing with grief, loss and change has helped me to reach a constructive perspective on facing the future.

She makes it clear that there are no easy solutions, but through sharing the experiences of others, she helps us to see that we are not alone. Her suggestions arise from lived experiences, as well as from her professional learning and qualifications in this field."

Janet Upcher - Editor

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Mary Ellen Smith lives on the Mornington Peninsula south-east of Melbourne, Australia with her partner and two dogs.

Mary Ellen Smith's professional background is Clinical Socialwork.

Feel free to contact Mary with any queries about her book, or any other related questions.